Slaughter Beach, Dog Interview

Jake Ewald is a humble man. As we walk to his car to record an interview before his set at The Middle East, we catch up on what has happened since the last time we spoke about two years ago. While chatting, we pass a group of enthusiastic fans that had been lining up around the block for hours to see him play his first Slaughter Beach, Dog show in the state. I point out the crowd to him and remarks, “Yeah, what’s that all about? I don’t get it.” I then have to remind him that his old band, Modern Baseball, has been one of the most beloved Indie Rock bands of this generation, and that his current Slaughter Beach, Dog project is also living up to the hype. He blushes and says, “Aw, Thanks Man,” though he clearly still doesn’t think he’s worth all the fuss–even if his droves of fans do.

In this interview, Jake and I talk about his new band, his old band, family, religion and songwriting. This was the first time I have ever had the same guest on the show twice and I was worried there would not be enough to talk about. Now, I hope that we have the chance to connect for a third conversation in the future.

Slaughter Beach Dog’s New album, Birdie, will be out on October 27 on Lame-O Records. The album’s single, “Gold and Green”, is out now. This summer the band also released and EP titled Motorcycle.jpg. Slaughter Beach, Dog will be playing at The Great Scott in Allston on November 25th.


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