Misterwives Interview

When I thought about closing out 2017, there was only one interview that was truly up to the task. That was my conversation with the dynamic pop band, Misterwives. This conversation (which is one of my favorites from this year) was almost as fun as their music, and that’s really saying something. As a unit, Misterwives than any other group I’ve talked to. Their love for each other is apparent as we chat towards the end of a grueling tour (and soundcheck) backstage at the House Of Blues In Boston. I felt like a member of the band from the get go, which made for a fun relaxed conversation about the band’s origins and the nature of pop music. Along the way, we also squashed some wives tales about the band, and aired some dirty laundry and general grievances. If you haven’t already, listen to Connect The Dots, out now on Photo Finish Records!


Thank you all for an amazing 2018! Stay tuned, because tomorrow we release our top 10 albums of the year. Then, we’re back on January 9th for an interview with Aussie-Rocker Jen Cloher!


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