Esmé Patterson Interview

Esmé Patterson is the embodiment of someone who does everything for herself. When I arrive, she is sewing her own T-Shirts, something that I have never seen before. For the interview, Esmé placed the microphone delicately on her sewing machine so her hands were free to tend to making her tour merch. After our conversation, when the camera malfunctioned, Esmé was there to save the day with her selfie skills. And when we talk about her song, “Find It”, she reminds me that in the music industry, nothing is handed to you. And that is totally true. Nothing has been handed to Esmé, but I get the sense that she wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s no surprise that her records—the most recent being We Were Wild—are personal reflections on herself. We talk about this record, and about her 2013 album Woman To Woman in this weeks interview. Enjoy!

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