Wintersleep Interview

Now more than ever it feels, bands are hitting the road to mark the anniversaries of their seminal albums—look at U2 with The Joshua Tree, or for a more recent example, Frightened Rabbit with The Midnight Organ Fight 10 year anniversary tour. Wintersleep opened for that tour, and they were no strangers to having their most beloved work celebrate a big anniversary—last year their album Welcome To The Night Sky, turned 10 years old. In general, the band will be celebrating their catalogue by reissuing their first three albums on vinyl through their new record label, Dine Alone Records. Wintersleep (Loel Campbell, Paul Murphy and Tim D’eon) and I spoke about the effect that time has on music, both in the studio and over the course of an album being released into the world. We also talk about the relationship between their single “Amerika” (of their most recent album, The Great Detachment) and 2007’s “Dead Letter and The Infinite Yes”, off of Welcome To The Night Sky.

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