An Interview With Chadwick Stokes of Dispatch

Dispatch’s most recent album America, Location 12 reminds me of summer. Sonically, its an album that is so airy, uplifting and bright. However, the lyrical content of the record is anything but. Through out America, lyricist and singer Chadwick Stokes examines the complexities of platonic and romantic relationships, while also taking a deep dive into modern political issues. Stokes has never been one to shy away from politics in both his music and his personal life. As a songwriter with both Dispatch and State Radio, Stokes has addressed a variety of political issues—everything from gun violence, to the opiate epidemic, to the death penalty. Although Stokes writes so movingly about politics, one of his more a-political lines on the album’s closer “Atticus Cobain”, keeps sticking out to me:

“And after all that was said and done // There was so much more to relate”

Trying to relate to people, especially when it comes to political advocacy, is not easy, but it is somewhat necessary. Stokes and I talk about this specific line, and how it connects to advocacy and the causes that his charity, Calling All Crows, decides to take up. We also cover everything that CAC will be doing on Dispatch’s Summer Tour and talk about the band’s new single, Dear Congress ’17.

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