Amy Shark Interview

Amy Shark is one of the hottest acts in Australia. Her Debut EP, Night Thinker, received 6 nominations and 2 wins at the ARIA Awards (ARIA’s are the Australian equivalent of a GRAMMY). In the States, it’s a much different story. On Spotify, Amy Shark has nine songs to her name. The most exposure that Shark has in the US has been touring with Bleachers this past Fall. Her songs aren’t radio staples yet and they haven’t been picked up by mainstream or indie scenes. Despite these challenges, Shark has a fairly sizable following in America. Shel packed The Brighton Music Hall on a Wednesday, where an enthusiastic crowd sang along to Shark’s stylings. The people in the audience that night knew what many Australia have known for years–Amy Shark’s refreshingly honest songwriting style is a recipe for a long, successful career. Before her set, Amy and I had the chance to talk about touring, her early years as a musician and how her songwriting has evolved since then.

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