Hinds Interview

Hinds is one of the most thoughtful bands making music right now, which allows them to communicate what people find so hard to communicate—how we grow as people in a short period of time. In this interview, co-lead singer and songwriter Carlotta Cosials and bassist Ade Martin gave me some incredible insights about their album I Don’t Run, among them that the album was written in a way that the guitar, bass and drums all try and communicate different things. In addition, Cosials tell me that their album is about how they’ve changed in the past two years. When I follow up and ask how has she or the dynamic of the band has changed, she tells me that she is not sure. On the train ride back from the interview  I think about the way that my life has drastically changed over the past two years, and when I pressed myself to point out how I am different, I too came up short, only knowing that I was profoundly different. Somehow, Cosials and fellow lyricist Ana Garciata Perrote are able to take the aphasia away from this seemingly common feeling and truly bring it to life on their sophomore release. That is why I connected with the work and its why I think people are connecting with  I Don’t Run. In this interview Cosials, Martin and I largely unpack this idea. 

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