Traveller Interview

Spending 15 minutes with Traveller (a super group made up of Johnny Fritz, Robert Ellis and Cory Chisel) was the most fun I’ve had at work in a while. The band walks a fine line. It’s tough to be full of passion and pride for your work while remaining, well, not full of yourself. This group is proud (as they should be) of their first album, Western Movies, yet not one member of the trio takes themselves too seriously, as evidenced by the roaring laughter that makes up for about 60% of our conversation.

 Before the tape starts rolling, I mention to the guys that I’ll enjoy listening to their album at a fire pit this summer. They then insist the album would best be enjoyed at a wildfire. Though the comment was made in jest, Western Movies itself is a little bit like a wildfire—the unforeseen product of larger than life forces that creates something completely natural that then wanders without a care through whatever is in path.

When the tape does start rolling,  Fritz, Chisel, Ellis and I talk about the album’s tight production time frame, changing the ending of classic stories, and how Traveller is the supergroup of super groups. Enjoy, lesser-thans!

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