Wild Child Interview

Nearly every year the fine folks at Newport Folk put together an amazing supergroup to debut live at their festival. This year the group is called Glorietta, and features Backstage Alum Matthew Logan Vasquez, as well as Kelsey Wilson, one of the lead vocalists of the band Wild Child. Debuting at Newport is a fairly high stakes affair, and its a big stage to fail on. No one has failed yet, but maybe that adds to the pressure that Glorietta faces this year. One of the interesting things about these supergroups is to see what type of chemistry a group of people who have never played together before have. The chemistry between Wilson and her bandmate Alexander Beggins is apparent. Just by hearing those two talk about music, you can tell that when they put their minds and talents together, something special will happen. The duo joined me earlier this year to talk about how their band has evolved as well as their album, Expectations, specifically what expectations they had going into the making of the record and how working with producers influences sound. 

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