Kevin Devine Interview

Kevin Devine is an artist that I had been meaning to listen to for quite sometime—we both shared a love for REM, The Hold Steady and Frightened Rabbit, and I knew he’d be opening for Frank Turner on the final night of his six night residency in Boston. In advance of that show, I took the leap in to his catalogue and found that we had an appreciation for the same things—sneaky good lyrics, covers and both uptempo and stripped down versions of full length albums. It was then that I realized that what makes the connection between Kevin and his fans so strong is that they both tend to be in to the same things. I know this sounds beyond obvious and that it could be true of any band, but step back and think about it—how many times to people hate the “new” direction that their old favorite has gone in, or how they find their remixes and covers to be cheesy and staying too far from the meat and potatoes of their career. With this in mind, Kevin and I chat about some of our favorite bands and discuss how he has been able to turn key moment in his life into his most profound art. 

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