Sunflower Bean Interview

When I first meet Julia Cumming, Nick Kivlen, and Jacob Faber, aka the trio Sunflower Bean, they’re enjoying an exquisitely catered dinner before opening for Interpol in Boston. Considering the unique situation they are in, as well as the fact that all of the band members are only in their early twenties, you would believe that they have navigated youth and their transition into adulthood with ease and with a higher level of success than their peers. But when you listen to their most recent album, Twentytwo In Blue, you’ll see that they struggled with the same issues of fear and doubt that plague anyone’s late teens and early twenties

When trying to describe Twentytwo there’s a line from another one of my favorite it trios that comes to mind. It’s from The Wild Reeds song “Capable”, where Mackenzie Howe sings, “Growing Up Was Not An Easy Movement For Me,” a line that resonates with many folks and that expresses a sentiment that Sunflower Bean expands upon in their sophomore album. In this interview, we talk about growing up and finding your place in an uncertain world, something anyone around the age of 22, can certainly relate to. 

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