150 Guests + Butch Walker Interview

I can’t believe I am saying this, but this week marks the 150th guest we’ve had on Backstage. I never pictured us getting to do a second episode, let alone getting to do 149 additional ones. I want to thank all of the amazing folks—publicists, label reps, WATD, friends, our bands, and of course you, our listeners, for helping us get to this point. Being able to chat with some chart topping artists, and having the pleasure of introducing y’all to some lesser known bands, has been thrilling for me. This week’s guest is somewhere in-between those extremes. 

With that being said, Butch Walker should be a much bigger deal than he is. I’d tell you to listen to his music, but chances are you already have and just don’t know it. He’s produced some of the biggest artists in the world—including P!nk, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne—and he’s put out several strong solo albums, all with their own distinct, solid sound. He is an engaging live performer with a flawless rock and roll voice and a knack for vocal impressions that would even make Jimmy Fallon blush. He’s also incredibly knowledgable and very easy to talk to, making my job for the day a breeze and a delight. Over the course of 20 minutes Butch and I were able to chat about his solo career, what makes a song catchy and the many different roles a producer can play. 

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