Snail Mail Interview

2018 has been a crazy year and no one knows that better than Lindsey Jordan. When I talk to Jordan, who records music as Snail Mail, its before her third Boston show in 2018. She has two more scheduled in December before the year wraps up. Her following in Boston is bigger than you might expect–the Paradise was nearly at capacity to watch Jordan open for Alvvays, and there seemed to be more fan sing alongs during her set than during the Canadian Indie Rocker’s performance.

Aside from  an impressive tour diary, Jordan has also released her debut album, Lush, at the start of this Summer on Matador Records. The album is expertly put together and reflects Jordan’s extraordinary growth as a songwriter and musician. At its core, Jordan tells me Lush is an album about falling in love. The record is a holistic look at an often over simplified emotion. In the interview, Jordan and I explore this concept as well as the other hallmarks of her album—lyrical maturity and impressive sequencing. 

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