Thoughts On Five Years


Five years ago Friday I started this show. It was a frigid Saturday around 3:30 when I arrived at The House of Blues on Landsdowne Street. I was beyond ecstatic to be interviewing Frank Turner, my favorite artist at the time, and arguably, my favorite artist now as well. I had all my notes, and I had tripled checked my equipment. It worked (for now). My friend Jack was there to take some photos and make sure nothing went horrendously wrong. Thankfully, nothing did. We were all ready to go. There was only one issue—Frank wasn’t. When Jack and I arrived we were told to set up in Frank’s dressing room. His tour manager told us he was going to be in a second—he was in the room over getting a tattoo. To two wide eyed fifteen year olds, this reinforced just about every stereotype of what the rockstar, backstage lifestyle was about. 

Moments later this image was shattered. Frank walked in to the room and was as human and pleasant as any of the other town selectman I had interviewed for the radio station. This moment was huge for me, and I did not know how it would go up for me from there. I started my show with the one person I really wanted to chat with. I had no plans to continue doing this, but one thing led to another and here we are. 

That interview, and the roughly one hundred and sixty that we’ve done since, have taught me some important things. Musicians we love are not what we project on to them, and they are certainly not the godlike untouchable figures that some imagine them to be. They are human and what sets them apart is they happen to do an exquisite job communicating their humanity. Artists make music to express themselves, and people listen to music so we can hear our emotions be express by another person. To know we are not alone but connected by emotions and a sequence of words and chords. That connection is why I’ve kept on with this show. I still remain interested in learning about others, their story and how it all connects back to the music that they make and we listen to. 

To celebrate our five years, we’ve lined up conversations with two folks that have played a major role in shaping the musical connection we share. The first will be released on Friday, to celebrate the five year anniversary of the recording of our first interview. On Thursday December 13th we’ll be featuring the second interview to mark our first time being on air. The two people we’ve interviewed have redefined their respective genres and they’ve shaped the lives of millions of fans in the process. I can’t wait to share these interviews, and the next five years, with you all. 


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