Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Interview

Our 5 year anniversary guests have redefined their respective genres. The first of those guests is none other than Jeff Tweedy. 

Tweedy has had a career that anyone would envy—he’s achieved success as solo artist, as a the creative force for two genre defining bands (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), and now as an author. He’s worked with Mavis Staples, Billy Bragg and recently, his own two sons. With all of these stories, it’s no surprise that his first memoir Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back Again) is filled with fascinating tidbits from a life well lived. His album Warm is out today, which is (surprisingly) his first album of completely original solo material. Though the songs maybe new, the subject matter isn’t—its still Tweedy grappling with love, death and everything in between. Despite two major releases and a busy touring schedule, Tweedy was able to spend some time with me to discuss insecurity, how Warm and Let’s Go relate, writing about the topic of death and the two decades he’s spent with Wilco. 

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