Johnny Marr Interview

Five years ago today our show hit the airwaves for the first time. Since then I’ve had on a lot of bands that, with varying degrees of success, have been imitating The Smiths. They’re one of the most beloved, cult-like bands ever and they’re a group worth imitating—the melodrama, the youthful glow, the adoring fans, and in hindsight, the enduring catalogue. 

That’s what makes sitting across from Johnny Marr part intimidating, part thrilling and wholly surreal. He’s a funny, kind, and dare I say charming, fellow who is happy to talk to me about his past, present and future. Marr can appreciate what The Smiths have done and he doesn’t want to distance himself from the group. But he has no interest in imitating The Smiths. He only wants get better at being the best guitarist, singer and songwriter that he can be. In this vain we talk about his new album, Call The Comet, what inspires him now and looking at the work of The Smiths in 2018. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to mark five years on the air. 

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