Trying Their Best, Four White Canadians Make Their Sixth Album: An Interview with Tokyo Police Club

Editing interviews can be a real pain. The sound of your own voice becomes grating, and although the actual chat may have been lovely, rehashing the same material as yesterday and normalizing audio can be at best banal and at worst soul crushing. 

When I listened back to my conversation with Graham Wright, the keyboardist for Tokyo Police Club, I found myself actually enjoying myself and hanging on each word of the discussion. The whole affair felt much more like a casual beer with a friend than it did mining for information about an album, making it infinitely more interesting for me, and hopefully Graham, and of course you, the listener. The deviation from the monotony  of editing is in part because Graham loves his work—six albums in he thinks it is good (I agree with him, by the way) and he’s still enthusiastic about his band and and music in general. Because of the more congenial vibe, Graham and I got a little carried away and talked about everything from The Hold Steady and Frank Turner, to the nature of music journalism, self-titled albums and of course, his band’s most recent record, TPC. It’s my favorite interview of 2019 so far and he’s set the bar pretty damn high for any future guest. 

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