An Interview With Teenage Fanclub

There’s something incredible about music from Scottish folks. On the surface, it seems like bands like Chvrches, Belle and Sebastian, Frightened Rabbit, and Camera Obscura, share nothing but a homeland. As you closer though, you’ll find that there’s a certain level of sincerity that shines through in their lyrics, their compositions and of course, their brouge-tinged vocal stylings. Teenage Fanclub, despite rising to prominence as a punk band, is no different—they radiate the same sense of kindness and sincerity as their counterparts. I was lucky enough to experience this warmth in person, as the band’s frontmen, Raymond  McGinley and Norman Blake, joined me for a cup of coffee before their solid out show at the Paradise in Boston.

Although their most recent records, like 2016’s Here, have made a pivot away from Punk, the quality of their music has remained consistently strong. Raymond and Norman talk to me about the things that have stayed the same in their 30-plus year career, and what has changed in terms of their writing and recording processes as well as their more recent lineup changes.

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