Kodaline Interview

Like most folks, my first interaction with Kodaline was hearing their absolutely stunning song, “All I Want”. It’s a devastatingly sad, beautiful work that leaves you wanting more. But when the single from your debut album connects with millions, is a hit and is featured in countless movies and TV Shows, it sets the bar […]

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Trevor Powers Interview

Part of the joy of a new year is getting what feels like a new start. Resolutions and other efforts to redefine ourselves are usually taken up once January starts. That’s what makes the timing of this interview with Trevor Powers, the artist formerly known as Youth Lagoon, so appropriate. Trevor and I discuss his […]

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Passenger Interview

Passenger is no stranger to a journey. In this interview we talk about the journey—the metaphorical journey of his career, the physical journey from show to show and how the idea of America and Journeying influences his aptly-titled 2018 album Runaway. 

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Best Albums Of 2018

Trying to put together some reasoning behind these rankings has been tough–so rather than delay this another week, I’d prefer to get these out now and get to reasoning further on down the road. So, without any more ado, here are our Top 10 Albums Of 2018. Brandi Carlile — By The Way, I Forgive […]

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Johnny Marr Interview

Five years ago today our show hit the airwaves for the first time. Since then I’ve had on a lot of bands that, with varying degrees of success, have been imitating The Smiths. They’re one of the most beloved, cult-like bands ever and they’re a group worth imitating—the melodrama, the youthful glow, the adoring fans, […]

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Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Interview

Our 5 year anniversary guests have redefined their respective genres. The first of those guests is none other than Jeff Tweedy.  Tweedy has had a career that anyone would envy—he’s achieved success as solo artist, as a the creative force for two genre defining bands (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), and now as an author. He’s worked […]

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Thoughts On Five Years

Five years ago Friday I started this show. It was a frigid Saturday around 3:30 when I arrived at The House of Blues on Landsdowne Street. I was beyond ecstatic to be interviewing Frank Turner, my favorite artist at the time, and arguably, my favorite artist now as well. I had all my notes, and […]

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Caroline Rose Interview

Caroline Rose and I talk about playing up dress up. Sure, we talked on the day after Halloween and reminisced about old costumes. We went over how she shot her album cover. And yes, I did ask her about her tendency to only wear Red, monochromatic outfits. But beyond that, we also talked about how […]

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MILCK Interview

Finding your voice and your own power in music is a huge accomplishment. But to allow others to find themselves and realize their power through your music is something that is ten times more special. Connie Lim, who records under the name Milck, was able to to do this when she wrote the song “Quiet”, […]

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POND Interview

I’m not one for Pysch Rock–the meandering instrumentals and abstract lyrics don’t do too much for me. But Pond makes it fun. In fact, Pond makes everything fun. Their set at Boston Calling happened early in the day on Sunday–a gray, rainy and cold day. The crowd wasn’t in an affable mood, but it only […]

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